About Us

MP Technologies (MPT) is a world-class, nationwide turnkey construction services provider with over 40 years of experience.  We are committed to creating long term partnerships with our customers by providing services and staff that meet the highest quality, safety, and craftsmanship standards. MPT is headquartered in its Northern Division located in Annandale, MN and maintains an office in Cypress, TX for its operations in its Southern Division.

With our well maintained modern equipment and highly trained union staff, MPT has successfully worked with some of the leading public, private utility, power, companies, joint trenching utilities, and new construction contracts.  No job is too large or too small.  We have the resources and experience to meet our customer’s needs for any construction project.

MPT follows a basic set of strong company principles throughout all jobs.  These include: fulfilling “Our Mission,” Focusing on safety at all times, providing exceptional and highly trained staff, and being responsible for the short and long term needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Building long term relationships based on integrity, performance and value. We meet the changing needs of our clients with quality services delivered timely, performed safely and completed to our client’s satisfaction… every time.


The most important concern when providing services is to perform all work with the “Safety First” attitude. MP Technologies trains constantly to assure that all persons, property and equipment are safe at all times during the construction process. All MPT employees are empowered with the ability to stop work if they believe that safety or quality is being compromised, and the proper adjustments will be made to correct the issues.

Exceptional Staff

The MP Technologies management team leverages more than 100 years of combined industry experience to direct production crews. Their industry knowledge assures a crew with the proper training, skills and equipment will be dedicated to your project.

Superior Customer Support

MP Technologies has a consistent reputation for responsiveness to any situation. If your need is for emergency restoration services, maintenance and installation of new or existing infrastructure systems or complete overbuild services. MP Technologies will review your project requirements and dedicate staff and assets to assure the safe and accurate completion to your satisfaction every time.

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