Gas and Pipeline

Our Gas Division understands that the gas industry has unique requirements for safety and processes. Many hours of training and process evaluation are completed by all involved in the placement and maintenance of the systems we work in. MP Technologies’ foremen, fusers, pipefitters, welders, operators and laborers are all required to maintain safety and process certifications.

Our equipment is well maintained and designed for the tasks at hand. We have an entire fleet of horizontal directional drills that can handle small precise jobs all the way to large transmission projects. MPT has large hydro-excavation rigs as well as smaller vacuum excavation setups to handle any need for exposing utilities.

We take pride in our work and our relationships with our customers. MPT can be counted on to do the job safely, as designed, on schedule, and on budget.

Gas and Pipeline Services:

Gas - New & Rehab Construction
  • Open Trench
  • Directional Drilling
  • Hydro Excavating
  • Plowing
  • Steel & Plastic Mainline
  • Service Lines
  • Regulation Stations
  • Joint Trench
  • Meter Installation & Replacement
  • Hot Tap
  • Tie Ins
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Coatings
  • Station Work
  • Steel Welding
  • Plastic Fusion
  • Restoration Hard & Soft Surface
  • Barricading
  • Sewer Lateral Inspection
  • Sewer Mitigation Camera & Locating of Lines
  • Erosion Control
  • New Construction
  • Mainline
  • Station Construction
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Valve Replacement
  • Sewer lateral inspection
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